A cost-effective solution in the complex and ever changing field of rights licensing


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Provides sales teams with the tools to manage new and existing clients; builds upon a database of prospective buyers, their viewing activity and feedback; provides a wealth of data for sales personnel, buyers and content owners
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Enables teams to design and manage new and existing contracts; provides a comprehensive information source of IP assets and existing licences with thorough availability checking no matter how complex the deal
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Fully integrated accounts suite which provides participations, royalties and revenue-share reporting - all sales commissions, currency gains/losses, withholding taxes, costs (capped and uncapped), recoupment of advances, etc

About us

Clarendon Computer Services Limited was established in 1986 and has decades of experience designing software for businesses in the UK and abroad.

FilmTrack was first conceived in 1987; since then it has been continually developing and adapting to the ever-changing marketplace, feedback from users and trends in the IT industry. A complete rewrite was undertaken over the past 2 years making FilmTrack fully compatible with the latest Windows software as well as enabling it to run on the Cloud.

We are a boutique company that prides itself on an ability to listen to our clients, to provide them with continual support, and to respond to their needs in the fast-changing environment of the media industry. Our first-class software solution has a proven track record with many of the UK's top content distributors.

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